How To Retire Early

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Forget retiring early! How can you retire AT ALL? In this economy you might think it’s tough, but there are ways. In this 2-minute video you learn the requirements: 1) You need more income than expenses every month, 2) Real estate is one of the most effective methods, 3) Building your real estate portfolio is key, 4) Over time you add to that portfolio, and 5) that’s it…

Do the math! If you have one property that brings in $500 a month in passive income (that’s the money over and beyond the monthly payment and costs), what would 10 properties or small apartment building do for you?

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Video Transcript

Hi, Jay Massey here, with the and in this video I’m going to explain how to retire early, in two minutes or less.

Ok, so when it comes to retiring early what we really should be thinking about it how can we retire at all. At the end of the day what you need to do you need to have more income then you have expenses, on a monthly basis.

To achieve that, there are many different ways making that happen. You have to have greater income greater than monthly expenses.

At the day one of the fastest and most tried-and-true methods has always been real estate, but that definitely one of the things that you want to think about is:

“How can you build a portfolio of assets that has the ability to be in excess of the amount of money that you earn or need on a monthly basis?”

At the end of the day, take one piece of property, five hundred dollars a month and be able to turn those five hundred dollars a month into 10 pieces of property at five thousand dollars a month.

And you do that slowly, overtime it has the ability to help you retire. Here’s the cool thing.

Early completely defined by you.

There’s nothing illegal about doing it 18 28 30 50 68. You just got to have four pieces, four components to make it happen:

• Knowledge
• Time
• Money and
• Credit

To make it work.

And what most people don’t have is the money or the credit. Or if you do have money and credit, you don’t have the knowledge at the time. And what we have the ability to do is, to help you put all of those things together so that you can use these resources to build assets, and in from those assets you sell those in the marketplace, to create your income, and simply that’s how you retire.

Thanks for watching.

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