We all have ideas. The difference between business owners and those who continue working a day job is that the business owners act on their ideas.

We all have ideas. The difference between business owners and those who continue working a day job is that the business owners act on their ideas.

To start a business, you need to solve a problem, develop systems that let you help more and more customers and clients, then scale your business up. You have to create value first.

So where do your actionable ideas come from? You can find them on your doorstep or driveway. It’s your newspaper. Scan the stories and then spot trends and problems you can solve with a business. Then start the business.

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Video Transcript

Jay Massey here, with the CashFlowDiary.com and in this video I'm going to explain how to start a business from scratch, in two minutes or less.

Now if you're getting started with the business you're probably wondering: What on earth can I do? I need an idea. Great, ‘cuz that's what really a business is. It's an idea.

That's been executed to do one thing and to start from scratch the best place, in my opinion, is to start with the problem. Find anyone problem that you hand solve and solve it for someone else for a fee. Once you've learned how to do that everything else is a matter of scale. Because you can solve a problem for one person then you need systems that scale to help solve it for 10.

And then you learn to solve it for 10 can you do it for 100, and then one is 400 how about a hundred thousand etc. So what does that mean that means: the bigger the problem the bigger the solution the biggest solution the greater potential for value and if you've got a great potential for value, therefore, you have a great large business that has the ability to provide 800 jobs any on value in the marketplace i.e. also known as a ton of cash.

You just gotta find a problem big enough. One the best places to find big problems actually your newspaper. Go get a copy of your newspaper in just start scanning it for the problem that you would know how to solve.

Or it you don't know how to solve them are you willing to put together a team of people who does know how to solve them. And then you lead that team to create the solution that that particular market place, that particular customer needs. Learn how to find the customer, how to solve their problem and to do it at scale.

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