Is Failure Bad?

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Unexpected failures are acceptable in life and in real estate and business investing.

Some are blessed with the ability to do things right the first time and there are others that experience a bump in the road the first time around to get things right.

Embrace and learn from failures.

Video Transcript

Hi, Jay Massey here with the, with another quick tip about real estate and business.

Here’s a question for you: Are you smarter than a duck? What?

Here’s the point; ducks, I think, are sometimes smart people; or smart creatures anyway. I just want to know if you’re smarter. When they have a problem, they do something about it. When they’re afraid they leave. When they think they might get cold, they fly somewhere else.

They do something about it.

I’ve often witnessed many times that when we have a problem, as people, we don’t do something about it.

For example, you say, “I want to make more money.” Okay, cool. What does it take to earn more money? Do you go and find out what’s that like? Then sometimes, some of you go find out, but then you get afraid to take action because you might experience the F word, failure.

Why is that so bad? Who taught you that failure was bad? I don’t know.

I think a lot of it has to do with how you grew up and a whole bunch of school systems stuff. Who knows; it doesn’t really matter. The point is, today, it’s time for you to fail. It’s time for you to fail forward, it’s time for you to fail frequently, and it’s time for you to fail fast, right now.


Because once you’ve failed, you get into what I call the feedback loop. The sooner you get that feedback loop, you know what it is that you need to change, where you need to correct so that your course leads you to where it is that you’re trying to go.

If you’re afraid to fail, you don’t gain wisdom. You say, “I’m reading books for wisdom.” That’s good. Nothing is a better teacher for wisdom than experience. What do you think the people who wrote those books got it?

They went out there and they failed. Therefore now, they sell their wisdom inside a book, and that’s fine. Read it, but also, go experience it yourself.
Try it out so that you have the ability to add to their wisdom and compound it, and therefore, receive the benefit s of whatever pain or successes that they’ve already experienced.

Here’s the point: Failure isn’t all bad. I think you’re smarter than the duck. Are you telling me you’re going to sit there and continue to freeze if you’re cold because you’re afraid what might happen if you fly south?

You never know what might happen until you actually begin to spread your wings and try.

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