Most Important Skill for Entrepreneur

  • 6 years ago

Most people fail to realize the most important skill to learn when beginning in real estate or business investing.

Learning this basic skill is vital and must occur before any other transactions occur.

Make sure you master the first skill before trying to create deals.

Video Transcript

Hi, Jay Massey here with the, with another quick tip about real estate and business.

Have you ever wondered what the most important skill is for an entrepreneur or real estate investor? You ever had the question, “What should I learn first? Where do I go and how do I get it? What do I do? Do I need to understand contracts, is it escrow, or is it title? What do I need to do in order to be able to do this thing?

What's the number one thing I need to focus on right now??

In my opinion, the number one thing you need to focus on right now is learning how to sell.

Most people don't understand how important of a skill that is, and how expensive it is to try to outsource something like sales. Here's a phrase that I want you to write down, ‘Nothing happens until there's a sale'; nothing. It doesn't matter if you are the greatest technician at knowing how to use a hammer. Until you know how to sell that skill on how to use that hammer to someone else, you don't earn any money. That's the whole point.
You can know everything there is about apartment investing, rehabbing, fixing, flipping, notes, and all these other things that are out there, but if you don't know how to sell, you're still stuck in the water.

Sales is something that I hope that you are out there looking for, and you're looking for materials and great resources, because once you learn how to sell, the entire world becomes open to you. You wonder, “How do people raise capital? How do people do apartment buildings? How do people do all the things that they do?”

It's not because they're the greatest technician at all of those things. Do you ever think about people like Richard Branson? He's got a lot going on. You get what I'm saying? How does he do it all? He's an excellent salesperson in so many ways. Sometimes, you may not even realize it, but you're having a sales conversation.

A sales conversation is happening all the time.

You ever wanted to go to a movie, but your friends didn't want to go, but yet somehow, you and your friends still ended up at the movie that you wanted to see? That was a sales conversation. You may not think about it that way. Moms, parents, do your kids go to bed on time?

If they do, you are an excellent salesperson. That's exactly what it takes; it's that same skill set and understanding. All we're talking about is taking that skill set and putting it in a different context with different content, and you have different results. See, it's not something that's completely unfamiliar to you; you just have to learn how to do it this way so that you have the ability to go out there.

Sales is the number one thing you should be practicing with friends all the time, everywhere you go.

Another thing that I love about sales is the negotiation piece and asking for a discount. It's one of the greatest fun that I have everywhere I go, and sometimes I annoy people with it, but it doesn't matter. I'm practicing and continuing to get better, and so should you.

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