Open the Door To Possibilty

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When was the last time you used the word – yet?

The term yet is a very powerful term and when used it can open up possibilities to dead end thoughts. The terms you use in everyday life can affect you in business.

Add yet to your conversations and private thoughts. You may just end up doing something new.

Video Transcript

Hi, Jay Massey here with with just another quick tip about real estate and business.

Something you may not have considered yet is the words that you use and how it plays a difference into your own expectations for yourself.

For example, one of the words that I want you to begin to add to your vocabulary, especially when you're talking in terms of things that you want to obtain, is the word ‘yet'.

Often times we'll say, ‘I've never done that.' But maybe we should say, ‘I have yet to do that.' ‘I haven't done that yet.' ‘I would like to do that one day.' Those little words become subliminal messages that begin to build muscles and open up possibilities.

Just by saying the word yet.

Oftentimes in a conversation, could you imagine this?

One friend says to another, ‘Have you ever been to the Super Bowl?'
And the other one goes, ‘No. I've never been.' Okay.
That could be, theoretically, the end of the conversation.

But what about this?

One friend says, ‘Hey.
Have you ever been to the Super Bowl?'
The other friend goes, ‘No. I have not been yet.'
Now, by saying the word yet, it creates an element of curiosity.
And the other friend could simply go, ‘Well, what do you mean by yet?' Or, ‘Were you planning on going?' Or, ‘Would you like to go with me?' If this other friend happened to have an opportunity to go, by saying the simple word yet, opens up the possibility of you coming, because he could have been afraid to ask his friend to go because he just didn't know.

See, oftentimes, possibility runs away from us because we're not open to it. We don't open the door for it to come in. One of the simplest ways to do that is with three little letters.

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