Economics: Supply and Demand

Economics, real estate and business investing are all interdependent. Believe it or not, you are involved in real estate and business investments daily.. Our homes, schools, hospitals, shopping malls, workplace, gyms and churches commissions us to participate in the real estate cycle.

4 Things you can do to pay less in Taxes

There are two types of tax payers in the world – those that receive tax credits and those who pay for others to receive tax credits. Take advantage of our revenue neutral tax code. Learn the four resourcses you can provide to pay less taxes and receive more tax credits.

Appreciation can be Controlled

There are four types of Appreciation in the real estate and business investing. Learn how to distinguish phased, passive, forced and found Appreciation. Use your knowledge to control Appreciation to create deals, increase value in the marketplace and build your portfolio.

Why Leverage is So Important

Real Estate and Business Investors are privileged with leverage. Leverage is the ability to spend your time doing what you want to do as opposed to spending your time doing what you have to do. If you are one that seems to never have time for the things you enjoy in life, maybe it’s time to incorporate leverage.

What you Know How to Do

What can YOU do? The moment you discover your learned or innate skill set is the very moment you reveal your ability to never need a job again.

What you know isn’t nearly as important as teaching others what you know how to do. Achieve success in real estate or in business by teaching what you know in exchange for things of more value to you.