There are many types of investments that help you to create streams of passive income. For example, certificates of deposit (or CDs) produce interest.

There are many types of investments that help you to create streams of passive income. For example, certificates of deposit (or CDs) produce interest. That’s a form of passive income, but it takes a whole lot of money placed inside that “instrument” to bring returns of any significance. What are the interest rates of CDs these days? Not high.

There are other instruments, like stocks that create dividends and patented ideas that create royalties, but one of the most proven ways to create passive income and a whole lot of it is real estate. It has dividends, but they are called rents!

You may not have enough money to put into a CD or stocks to create enough interest or dividends to make it worth your time to invest in these vehicles. However, you don’t need a dime of your own cash or credit to invest in real estate and start earning passive income from your efforts.

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Video Transcript

Jay Massey here, with the CashFlowDiary.com and in this video we're going to talk about passive income investments in two minutes or less.

So when we're talking about passive income investments, there are many different types. So you might be familiar with something called a “CD”. Now I don't mean a compact disc I mean a certificate of deposit occasionally, called a certificate of depression. That is a common instrument that is used for passive income it produces interest.

There are other various forms of vehicles that produce interest as their income. There’re also things like stocks.

Stocks can also produce a dividend and that could be their form of passive income. Some of you may be so talented that you have the ability to go out there and create an idea and from that idea develop a patent; and usually earn what are known as royalties.

And a royalty is again another form of passive income investments. But the investment typically of choice, especially in my world, is going to always revolve around real estate. Because real estate has its own dividend that is usually called rent; and you have the ability to go out there and use and leverage so much of other people's resources for this particular passive income instrument that it becomes available to nearly everybody.

See you may not have enough money to make the interest worth it at a CD. You may not have enough money to be able to earn large enough dividends, and you may just be like me unable to come up with enough ideas to sell them to the right people so that the licensing fees and the royalties that come from it actually produce something of greatest value.

Therefore the lowest-hanging fruit for most of us is right here in the world of real estate.
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