You have many choices for creating passive income, like stocks and other paper assets. But those are just a couple.

You have many choices for creating passive income, like stocks and other paper assets. But those are just a couple.

You have to choose how much income you want every month, and how you want to get there. For me it’s all about real estate.

In real estate investing, you have to choose whether you want to be an equity investor or a debt investor. That means you’re investing in rental properties or acting as the lender. Either way, you can earn a really good amount of passive income month after month after month.

Once you learn how to raise private capital for your deals and you’ve chosen how you will use that private money in your deals (and what both you and the investors will receive in returns and what that looks like) you are well on your way to earning as much passive income as you desire!

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Video Transcript

Hi, Jay Massey here, with the CashFlowDiary.com and in this video we're going to talk about passive income strategies in two minutes or less.

When it comes to passive income strategies there are many choices that you have in the marketplace.

Many of you know about things like stocks, and how they produce dividends. Many of you know about even more advanced strategies with paper assets like covered calls etc. in cash secured puts.

Here’s the point.
There are too many choices.

But you’ve got to choose and decide what type of income you want to earn.
Because this is a key component; isn’t it can I develop passive income?

Which type of passive income has the ability to be taxed the best and the least?

And for many of us, the answer is obviously real estate. But even there're various different forms.
The two most popular obviously are: one through rent and then the other through mortgages or debt.

You could be a debt investor and or an equity investor in the rap world so that you can still develop passive income in either case.

In both cases you must need, you need a system in order to make this work. You got to have the property management in place you got to understand the property taxes and how all those things work as a debt investor on a piece of real estate you're now investing in the security of the real estate; you still have to understand to some degree how these things work up here.

But in both cases, these can be hyper passive income. They both can earn $100, $200, $10 thousand $3 thousand , whatever a month but they're taxed differently and it takes different systems to make both of them work.

For some people watching this is the way they should go; for others, this is the way they should go. Either way, there is an opportunity in a position for you to play on the team.
Thanks for watching.

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I look forward to talking to you soon.

Until next time.

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