Using Passive Income to Pay Off Debt

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Did you know you can pay off debt by investing in real estate? It’s true. In this video, investor J. Massey explains a value-added play of creating appreciation in properties that you can use to pay off debts.

He also describes in brief the five types of appreciation: Found, Forced, Phased, Inflated and Passive. You only have control over the first three types.

Real estate isn’t the only place you see appreciation. You see it all the time in items at garage sales, Craigslist, thrift stores and online auction sites. Say you see a cool old chair at a garage sale, buy it for a couple of dollars, take it home and clean it up. You repair it or paint it. You bring the value up. The chair has appreciated in value. Now you can sell it for a lot more than what you paid. That’s a great feeling.

The same applies to real estate. You can find an undervalued property, clean and fix it a bit, and then sell it for profit or rent it out because now it will appeal to tenants. You get good at this and then do more deals faster and consistently. You’ll be earning more passive income than you ever expected!

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Video Transcript

Jay Massey here, with the and in this video I’m going to explain how to use real estate to pay off debt in two minutes or less.

So with real estate how on earth do you use it to pay off debt I’m paying go get more debt to pay off debt. It’s simple you do what we call a value add play.

Most importantly there are five different types of appreciation:

• there’s what they call found
• there’s forced
• there’s phased
• there is inflated as well as
• passive appreciation

One of the best ways to build up capital so that you have the ability to pay off debt is with what they call forced appreciation; is where you take something broken and you fix it and sell it for more.

This same concept happens every day anytime you go to a garage sale or use good store any of those types of things it’s the same thing. You take something that’s broken you shine it up yet clean it you reposition how it could be used and shows off differently in therefore we call that valuable or more valuable than its prior condition.

Because it’s now more valuable minutes prior condition it just means your customers willing to pay more for it and because they’re willing to pay more for you are in value and you do that fast enough.

The key here is turn to do it fast enough consistently. So that you out more velocity in more speed at which the capital comes in then goes out and you have the ability to then pay off that debt.

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