Affirmations are interesting to me. For me it’s more about learning to manage my subconscious.

Affirmations are interesting to me. For me it’s more about learning to manage my subconscious. For example, when I first got into real estate investing, I thought that earning $10,000 a month
sounded like a really big goal.

So I came up with an exercise to help me begin to accept it as a reality and then actually make that goal come true. It works!

Here’s what I did several times a day as my own personal affirmations around earning more money every month. I said, “I earn $10,000 a month; HE earns $10,000 a month; J. earns $10,000 a month!”

It truly is that simple, and exercises like these can keep you moving your needle forward toward all of your goals.

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Video Transcript

Jay Massey here, with the CashFlowDiary.com and in this video we going to talk about one of the positive thinking affirmations that I've been able to use successfully in two minutes or less.

Now it's interesting about affirmations. It’s interesting about how to keep yourself thinking positively and I know for myself it's more about learning how to manage your subconscious. So let me show you an exercise that I think will be helpful.

When I was first getting started in business one of the things that it was difficult for me to believe was the idea that earning $10,000 USD per month was somehow attainable and easy to get to. Now in the true scheme of things $10,000 a month isn't a ton of money.

But at the time when you're thinking about it in your own subconscious that could sound like wow a really big goal that your subconscious just completely rejects. So here's an exercise that I believe will help you along the way to get any goal whether it’s 10,000 a month are becoming a better father the point is repeating this exercise will help you to begin to accepted and most importantly become that person.

So it's simple you do the following you say “I earn $10,000 a month.” “He earns $10,000 a month” and then you put your earns $10,000 a month. So in my case, I would say things like I earned $10,000 a month, he earned $10,000 a month Jay earns $10,000 a month until my subconscious no longer rejects that idea.

And you know your subconscious is rejecting. When you can hear that little year right in the back of your head and you just keep doing this date day in and day out until it becomes of course as the natural response.

Exercises like these can keep you on the correct track to achieving your goal.

Thanks for watching.

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