Real Estate Business Cards

  • 4 years ago

Here is why you don't need real estate business cards. How else are people going to contact me if I don't have a business card. Here is a secret, they aren't going to contact you anyways even if you gave them a business card. Watch the video to see why I say that.

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Video Transcript

J. Massey here, with; and in this video, I'm going to explain to you why you actually don't need real estate business cards, in two minutes or less.

Okay, now right now you're like “What do you mean I don't need real estate business cards, of course I need business cards.” “How else are people going to contact me?”

Let me tell you a little secret. No one's going to contact you on the business card anyway.

There are so many sales people with really big stacks of business cards, that they've collected from networking event after networking, event after networking event and you never call them because you intend to call them, I'm not call them later, and then you take them home, and then they just sit in the shoebox and if you're watching this video you're probably laughing right now, because you know exactly where your shoe boxes with the rubber band around it, where you organize them in everything and yet still haven't called the people.

Here's what you do need: You need a quick way to schedule an appointment, because that's why someone asked for your car in the first place.

So here's what I want you to do the next time someone says hey do you have a business card if you do wonderful but here's what I want you to.

You say “Yes,” “However, I’m just curious, why you ask?”

See, any time we answer a question and just not find out why the person is asking, we missed a golden opportunity to move the relationship forward it's something we call accelerated relationship building.

And when we do this we can get more appointments, faster thus leading to more cells quicker when shorter timeframe shortening the sales cycle, and most importantly getting down to contract, escrow and close baby, because that's exactly why you went to the networking event in the first place.

You didn't go because you wanted to come home with a big stack of cards and possible potential. You would rather come back saying “look I got five appointments today with really solid people who are ready to meet upon this particular topic.” So stop worrying about what picture what email address and what phone number to put on card and get out there and go network.

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