Secret Business Building Ingredient

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The world of real estate and business investing is a small world.

That's why it is extremely vital to stand by your word and services.

Build a reputation of having good character and watch doors open for you.

Video Transcript

Hi, Jay Massey with the; I just wanted to share with you yet another quick tip as it relates to real estate and business.

Something you may not have noticed but I know you already appreciate, is the fact when you run into a business or a person that does what they say they're going to do.

For example, do you have one of those friends who is annoyingly on time all the time, right? But they do what they say they're going to do. That's called character. You may not realize it, but it's actually one of the secret business building ingredients, is learning to develop character, learning to simply let your yes be yes, and no be no, could become an entire business strategy.

Could you imagine if every company stood behind its products all the time, no matter what, and they develop the reputation for always saying yes, and the customer's always right, even when the customer is wrong, they're right, and you could return any product to them at any time and they'll take it? Do you know of a company like that? Do you like that company?

Here's the point, here's the secret business building tip that's been used for years. If you simply do that, people will come back and literally are willing to pay for that extra convenient service and peace of mind. That's something you and I can do.

That's something you and I can implement inside of any business, especially real estate, as we stand behind the services that we offer.

Think about it, if you promise to be able to close escrow on time, you do everything to close escrow on time. If you promise to be able to open escrow on time, and have the earnest money there and show up to the closing on time. Do those things, those simple things go a long way to helping you get deals that ordinarily you would not be able to obtain?

Because, do you know what? Real estate investing is a small world. You treat people right, they tell everybody. You treat people wrong; they tell everybody and their mother.

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