Starting with Why in your Business

  • 6 years ago

Who would you like to become, what would you like to accomplish and when do you plan to take action?

Not contemplating questions such as these can seriously slow you down in real estate and business investing.

Listen to learn why defining your goals is key.

Video Trancript

Hi, Jay Massey with the with another quick tip about real estate and business.

Today I'm going to tell you why most people never, ever, ever get started.

This is what I've learned. This is what I've seen. This is what I've experienced as I go around the U. S. teaching people and helping people get started in real estate and business.

Most people have no clue why they are even doing it and therefore they don't get started. They don't understand what's important.
I say things like, “Hey. Why do you want to start a business?” “Well, I want to obtain financial freedom.”

That sounds good.

The challenge is that we've never defined it for ourselves. We don't know what it means. How do you chase something that we don't know what it means? Could you imagine if you just said, “I'm hungry? Cool,” but you didn't know how to solve that problem? How would you ever take action if you don't understand how to solve the problem of hunger and define it and be able to put your hands around it and know how to take action?

Let me ask you this question.

Why are you watching this video? What are you looking for? What is it that you want? Have you even defined it? Do you know? Do you need some help understanding what that might be for you specifically?

What excites one person doesn't excite everybody. What excites me definitely doesn't excite you. More importantly, it doesn't mean it's any less important. You can't say things like, “I just want more money.”

That's not specific enough to keep us getting out of bed and to understand what it is that we want to do. We must learn to define for ourselves what these things mean and why they are important. You can't even say things like, “I want to retire early.” What is early? For some people it could be, “I just want to retire eventually,” because isn't that becoming less and less of a reality for most Americans? How about for you?

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