What's preventing you from taking action to achieve your goals? Is it money, education or time? Listen to learn why success hardly ever comes "one day" without beginning "today".

What's preventing you from taking action to achieve your goals?

Is it money, education or time? Listen to learn why success hardly ever comes “one day” without beginning “today”.

Video Transcript

Hi, Jay Massey with the CashFlowDiary.com with another quick tip about real estate and business.

Today I'm going to tell you why most people, maybe, even you haven't gotten started on your dream. How many of you out there are willing to admit that you've said things like, “One day I'll get started. One day when the stars align and my job gets better and we save more money, then we'll finally go do what it is that we wanted to do. One day we will finally travel to Europe. One day we will finally go to Hawaii. One day then I will finally ask her to marry me because things will be perfect.”

Here's something that I've learned.

One day doesn't really happen. It's not one of the seven days of the week. Neither is some day.
This is why it's important. Oftentimes, unless we are aware that we're making these decisions, we end up defaulting towards that largest nation in the world, procrastination, and we never, ever achieve what it is that we're looking to actually achieve. That's a problem.

More importantly, how do we stop that? Sometimes we've just got to understand this simple concept.
Could you imagine if you told your wife or spouse or significant other or just your friend that, “One day I will get to the movies. I'm coming to the movies, but I'm not going to leave my house until all the lights are green.” You have to wait until all the lights were green before you left your house. Would you ever actually get out of the house? If so, would you get very far?

Think about it. When we go anywhere we understand instinctively that we're going to have to make course adjustments, but yet sometimes when we're thinking about being successful or achieving more, we're not willing to take the first step until we can see the entire staircase. Therefore, we don't take any steps. Here's a useful phrase that I want you to write down and remember. Go as far as you can see. When you get there, then you'll see further.

Learning to be able to act in that particular mindset will enable you to be able to achieve far more than you probably have ever imagined, simply because you are willing to take action. God, the Universe – whatever you want to call it, rewards action in so many ways. Right now you're watching this video. You're being rewarded in ways that you may not even understand yet.

What's the next step?

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