You need a team to help you executive your vision and build your systems so that even if you step away for a bit the system continues running on its own.

What is “early” retirement for you? Is that at age 35, 50 or 80? Whatever that goal is, you need to start working on it now. And you can’t do everything yourself. You have to bring on team members. You have to take on a team mentality if you ever hope to reach success and early retirement.

You need a team to help you executive your vision and build your systems so that even if you step away for a bit the system continues running on its own. Wealth is a team sport, particularly as a real estate investor.

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Video Transcript

Hi, Jay Massey here, with the and in this video we’re gonna talk about the team that it takes for you to retire early, in two minutes or less.

In order to retire early first, you got to define what early is for you. For some of you that could be if I retire by 80. That's early because you're like I otherwise I’m never going to retire. And that's completely fine.

However, you will not get there without a team. In fact, I have a friend and his mantra is simply that wealth is a team sport. So what does that mean that means that you may not be the best person to fill every spot on the team.

No one player can carry the team forever and play every position at the same time all the time. Therefore you've got to learn how to function as a team when you're going out there to create value.

To retire not only just early but ever. So that you have the ability to then take time off. One of the number one reasons that most people haven't been able to take the time off is because they don't have a team that helps them to execute the vision and produces and runs a system so that while you're gone you still have the ability to create wealth and earns an income.

Without that well you're not going to get very far because you're going to be trading time for dollars, and until you learn the skill sets necessary to build the team it's going to be tough, because at the core of its the center of its business practices real estate investing is a team sport.

You've got to learn how to work with the title companies and you got to learn how to raise the capital and what properties to put under contract and how to make all of this work together. Without learning all of those individual pieces just well won't work.
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