What is Wealth and How to Define It

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Building wealth begins with creating streams of income from assets you own or control.

Money in the bank is good but having money in the bank that works to create recurring cash flow is priceless.

Video Transcript

Hi, Jay Massey here with the CashFlowDiary.com with another quick tip about real estate business.

Today we’re going to talk about wealth.

What is wealth? What do you say it is? Some people think well bizarre having a really big pile of cash in the bank. Well is it? Really?

Or is well just simply here’s a simple definition well that’s just simply how long you can live your current lifestyle without doing anything, whether that’s a pile of cash or stream of cash.

Because see piles typically run out or right now in our economic environment posit casket inflated away and that’s becomes what have the dangers having a pile of cash.

But when you own the means of production and more importantly have skill set to create a stream with cash, it makes it more easy for you to be able to you know live in what most would consider a wealthier lifestyle. Could you imagine the situation?

You own and/or control an asset whereby you know it continues to put cash in your bank account every month? and that cash is enough for you to live on? Every month?

Once you have that skill set you can’t keep doing it over and over and over again and more important you begin to provide jobs for other people which therefore allows them to live a better life style and more importantly the product or service that you begin to develop actually improves the quality of life the people that consume it. How would that feel?

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