what you know how to do

What you Know How to Do

What can YOU do? The moment you discover your learned or innate skill set is the very moment you reveal your ability to never need a job again.

What you know isn't nearly as important as teaching others what you know how to do. Achieve success in real estate or in business by teaching what you know in exchange for things of more value to you.

Video Transcript

Hi. Jay Massey here, with CashFlowDiary.com; another tip as to why you might want to be
involved in business and real estate.

Have you ever realized that what it comes down to in a lot of ways is not so much what you know but what you know how to do? Have you ever heard the saying that knowledge is power? Is that really true, or is it that applied knowledge is power?

One of the things that I love about real estate and business in general is that when you have a skill set, that skill set is what you use to create value in the marketplace. As you've learn to create that value, you then sell that skill set for something that you consider to be valuable or more valuable than the skill set. It could be any type of skill set.

For example, some of you, you know people who are really goodtrades people; carpenters, plumbers, electricians, etc. Do you know what they do? They go to school, or they learn a trade, and then they trade that skill set for something they consider to be more valuable.

Sometimes that thing that's more valuable is just simply cash. Other times, it could be other services from other trades people. The same thing happens when it comes to real estate and/or business.

Understanding pieces of the business world is very important. In my opinion, how much you know isn't as important as what you know how to do. Real estate is a skill set game.

That should be good news for you, because it means that you and I, we can all gain new skill sets. If it was only for the gifted, the talented, and the super lucky, I wouldn't be here. The point is that you can do it too. That's what I get excited about.

When I start thinking about business and real estate and just, in general, what business and real estate have to offer. They have the ability to give you and I, I would call a common chance in an uncommon lifestyle.

Hopefully, this is just one tip, a new way of thinking that encourages you to continue in your journey to be able to understand that business is possible; yes, for you.

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