Why Rich People Pay Less Taxes

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It only seems like the wealthy pay less taxes, but really they just pay in a different way than the general public. In this video, J. Massey tells us what that looks like and what to do if you’re looking to lower your tax bill.

There are four things we can do to reduce our tax burden. Stop being just a consumer and learn to become a: 1) provider of jobs, 2) provider of energy, 3) provider of food and/or 4) provider of housing!

If you do one or more of these things you’ll pay less in taxes because the IRS provides tax breaks for those who provide jobs, energy, food and/or shelter. That’s exactly how the rich pay less in taxes… and you can, too.

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Video Transcript

Hi, Jay Massey here, with the CashFlowDiary.com and in this video I’m going to answer why do rich people pay less taxes.

Well here’s what I’m going to say. I don’t actually think rich people pay less taxes. They may pay less currency or less money in taxes, but they pay a different kind of tax, and we’ll get to that in a second.

But if you are looking to lower your back tax bill, now I’m obviously not an accountant, not trying to give you a tax advice but what I can do is this.

I can tell you, in general, there are four basic things that most of us had at our disposal that we can do if we really want to pay less taxes. Let’s look at them.

• Number one you can learn to instead of being a consumer you become a provider of jobs. He or she who provides jobs tends to get most, if not all on their tax money back.
• Number two you can learn to provide energy. Learning to provide energy, oil, for example, would be a way of providing energy to the economy instead of just consuming it. You provided and guess what — there lots of tax incentives. For that and the reasons there, because that’s what the government wants because it doesn’t have the ability to do it, so it gives the money back so you can do it more.
• Then you can also learn to provide food. Feed us, feed me! See more, something like that. You got to eat right. Well, farmers and people who produce food have again lot the tax incentives.
• And most importantly and kind of close to home is housing. Learn to provide housing and you have the ability to get your tax money back.

See this is what they do. Here is the tax they do pay. They pay the tax of responsibility. They take on the responsibility of providing those jobs, energy, food and housing, and that my friends, weights s lot.

Thanks for watching.

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