Working from Home and Doing Real Estate at the Same Time

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Think about what is important to you. Money or Time? In real estate and business investing you can enjoy the best of both worlds by earning money while working from home.

Video Transcript

Hi! Jay Massey, at the Another quick tip about business and real estate. Today we’re going to talk about working from home and doing real estate at the same time.
I know one of the major things about real estate, at least for me, was a fact that I wanted to be able to work at home or just work wherever I want it to. It’s not really from home because if you’re like me, I’ve got four kids right, you can’t really work at home anyway but you want to have the freedom and choice of wherever it is that you want to work.

Having that freedom or choice is one of the new currencies if you will, as it is when it comes to what is it that we do, which is great!

So here’s the question, what can you do or how can you set up a system that allows you
to literally do that. So I’m going to draw for you the system that I use in order to create a work from home situation using real estate.

Here’s how it starts.

Now, obviously, you have to have a piece of real estate. So I’m going to draw a little door down here, some houses. Got some more houses, like so. So this could be an apartment complex. This could be a single family house. This could be an industrial complex. It doesn’t really matter, at some point, you have to have some real estate.

Now, you may know that inside of real estate which you have is you individuals who literally watch over the real estate for you. Those individuals who are watching over the real estate, who should primarily be taking care of it as they use it, or what we would normally call your tenant. So, those tenants are using the real estate and that’s would you are giving them the use of or selling the use of is that use of the real estate.

Now, the question is then who watches those tenets? The point, being should be a property manager. In this particular case, the property manager is watching over the tenants, who are watching over the building. And then, you become the person who is watching over the property manager.

See, using this particular structure, you can go out there and build a very large organization all across the U.S. or just even in your local town that allows you, one person to have lots of leverage. Notice how one of you but you can throw more time and more assets here.

That, is a basic structure that will allow you to be able to work from home, to be able to control lots of real estate and most importantly, maybe it’s just spent some more times with your kids to go to the park and do the things that would like you to do.