Are you a marital first responder? If people confide in you about their relationship, you might be! Or you could be if you want to be. That’s just one of the things that Cash Flow Diary podcast guest Elizabeth Doherty Thomas from The Doherty Relationship Institute discusses in this episode.

Discernment counseling is something Elizabeth talks about in this episode. But what is it? That is something you’re going to want to learn more about, but it is based in using discernment in your responses to other people when counseling them… even if you aren’t a therapist!

The interesting thing is that Elizabeth must have struck a nerve with her approach because she had an impressive six-figure launch of her business in August 2014. And forget the $100K month; she achieved that figure in a much shorter time frame…. just SEVEN DAYS!! Today Elizabeth's multifaceted business revolves around ways to strengthen marriages where possible and allow a graceful divorce if that is where the couple ends up.

So, was Elizabeth always a counselor? Nope. As with many successful entrepreneurs, she took that long path and became what she calls an accidental entrepreneur. In fact, she ended up partnering with her therapist father. And it all started with throwing a website up. Then she learned about SEO, branding and messaging. She put in a lot of time to create her initial success. Then she made improvements and aimed for the gold.

Today Elizabeth helps couples, businesses, entrepreneurs and all sorts of people with her unique brand of counseling. As a result of their efforts and the amazing response to what they are doing, Elizabeth and her father have gained exposure in Elle magazine, the Wall Street Journal and USA Today.

Listen in as Elizabeth shares the steps in her personal and business journey to reach her goals in her online business. From wearing all the different hats and walking in faith to overcoming bad instincts so she could create a highly successful business, Elizabeth has a lot to say. Learn more.

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