In my continuing Cash Flow Diary podcast series focusing on individuals who’ve earned $100K in a month, I’m talking to Kevin Kruse, a true employee engagement and leadership strategies superstar. The cool thing is that Kevin hasn’t just earned $100K in a single month; he’s earned a whole bunch more than that… like a million dollars in a month. But here’s the deal… Kevin wasn’t always wealthy nor did he have the skills necessary to earn the figures he does today.

Kevin said that he decided as a pre-teen to become wealthy. He wrote his goal of wealth in his journal! That’s after he witnessed a visit to his father’s home by a scary, one-armed man who was there to collect a debt. Harder lessons were to come, but the good news is that Kevin made it through his circumstances to succeed as an adult. That path started right out of college, when Kevin started different businesses fresh out of school.

Though Kevin moved through a series of failure events, he didn’t let them stop him. He kept moving toward his goal of financial security. He set his first at $100K in a year. He did some house-flipping and it didn’t work; he tried an MLM and that didn’t work; he moved down the line and didn’t have success until he realized the secret to success is to build a business about which he had a great deal of passion. He had to find mentors, he had to learn his way and work really hard. He also realized that ANY of the things he had done could work if certain elements are in place.

Today, Kevin’s mission is to convince everyone that wholehearted leadership for employee engagement is the key to unlocking dramatic business results and lots of other positives! Learn more about what Kevin does and how he got there… and how he reduced his work hours to attain the success and wealth he always wanted.

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