Are you ready to ditch your 9-5 and enter into financial freedom? Our interview with Shawn Ackerman will show you exactly how you can make that your reality

In this episode, we will discuss:

  • How Shawn Ackerman went from the inner city of Brooklyn, NY to creating a multi-million dollar business through real estate investing
  • The pros and cons of owning almost 100 short term rental properties 
  • How to create generational wealth for your family

Shawn Ackerman's Bio:

Over the years I have learned some key life principles.  Some of which are; trading time for money is not a long term nor sustainable path to building wealth.  Passive income versus active income is  important for maintaining wealth with the possibility of minimal time sacrifice.

I believe my purpose in life is to impart these key principles along with the wealth of knowledge I've obtained of buy and hold real estate investing.  I am very excited to share my knowledge to all of those eager to learn, grow and invest in their future.

Ikeptit Real Estate, LLC is a Real Estate holding and Real Estate consulting company. We specialize in residential investment property acquisition and performance. We operate a “Learn Key” business in the Mid-Western part of the United States.  Our company is dedicated to working with out of state investors looking for cash flow with low cost and hassle free entry into Milwaukee WI real estate market. We are not a “Turn-Key” company, we are not rehabbers we are the investor investor!!!

​We provide REI consultation/Mentorship to new real estate investors looking to earn passive income through multiple real estate investing strategies.  ​​

“Our mission is to provide  the best quality, low-cost, Clean and safe rental properties and real estate consultation/mentorship in the United States Of America. We strive to bring the best value to real estate investors.”  

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