CFD 039 – Create the vision by creating the pictures in your head!

  • 6 years ago

What do you want? Why are we only comfortable in asking for what we want during the holiday gift-giving season? Why can't we be more like children with a gift wish list and jot down those things we really want? When we express clearly what we want, we have a much higher likelihood of actually receiving that which we are asking for. However, it's not just making the list that makes things happen. It's having those desires clearly defined and then taking action. Here's what I do. I create a Vision Book (not a vision board). I take pictures of myself with those things I want and I add them to my book. I write down in my book those things I most desire. Tangible and intangible. That's what I talk about in this special holiday-season podcast!! Tune in and give it a listen. Then you will have a much brighter new year.