CFD 051 – Michelle Prince, how to write your book, grow your business, and make money

  • 5 years ago

What does guest Michelle Prince know about growing your business that you don't? It's the power of writing a book! It can expand your marketing message and brand, and you can write it more quickly than you think whether you have fabulous writing skills or not.

That's right. Like we say around here, there are people for that! If you have a story, you can hire help to get the words into a book format. There are editors standing at the ready to assist. There are writers to help you, too.

Michelle gives excellent ideas in this idea-heavy interview. She practices what she teaches, too, so you know I like that! That's what we do around here, too. Michelle wrote her own short book that sells like hot cakes, plus she offers coaching and she speaks at events.

You want the title of her book? You'll have to listen to this interesting and helpful interview.