CFD 054 – Meet the ultimate and awesome Entrepreneur On Fire, John Lee Dumas!

In this episode of Cash Flow Diary, J. Massey’s guest is the entrepreneur on fire himself, John Lee Dumas. Dumas built an empire through building an incredible audience.

Listen in and learn how John went from serving in the Armed Forces to getting on the partner track in a large commercial real estate brokerage to finding and filling a void in a niche industry. His tremendous success in his business began by filling the need for daily podcasts.

Don’t Miss These Questions:

  • How did you come to be a master podcaster?
  • What did you see in what you are doing now that is similar to the real estate world?
  • How do you go about creating a solution that people might want to consume to solve a problem?
  • What’s the process of developing the self-confidence to say “I can do this!”?
  • Do you think it makes sense for the common real estate investor to start a podcast?
  • How does one learn to listen? What am I listening for?
  • What were some of your initial frustrations when you started podcasting daily?
  • Where did you find the ability to get started?
  • What is the future of Entrepreneur On Fire?
  • What is the major benefit a podcast can provide?
  • What are some intangible benefits you have received?
  • What would you say to inspire that person looking to create cash flow to solve their money problems?

Check out these Key Points:

  • (10:27) You have to find where you can best shine: you CAN solve your problems!
  • (13:00) Dumas encourages: “What are people telling you that isn’t possible? THAT is an exciting opportunity waiting for you to expose!”
  • (14:52) Dumas’ 3 favorite words: “Build an audience!”
  • (27:00) Want answers to help target your success? Ask the marketplace!
  • (31:45) J. reminds us that there are 2 things you can’t do simultaneously: learn and look good.
  • (38:40) 45 million people every month visit iTunes in search of content.
  • (45:15) Dumas’ says his best piece of advice is to “just start”.

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