CFD 058 – Masterful Masterminder David Phelps Connects the Dots in Real Estate.

David Phelps and I have a lot in common. We both understand that you don’t necessarily have to be an investor to participate in real estate and create cash flow! We both believe in the importance of being part of a great mastermind group.

We’re both authors, and we share similar mindsets. Neither of us come from entrepreneurial families, and we both started out taking a traditional path only to go on to become something entirely different (and happier for it).

David is from the Great State of Texas; I’m from the Warm and Wonderful State of California. Yet here we are with so many similarities and see opportunities everywhere! Put everything down and give this episode your full attention.

It’s all about real estate investing, strategies and how to make a business of it to create passive and not-so-passive income. To learn more about this guest and to buy his recent book, go to his site at