CFD 059 – What Does Fitness have to do with Creating Cash Flow? The “First Family of Fitness” Explains!

This power couple knows what it takes to build a business that creates cash flow. In the lives of Billy Blanks, Jr., and wife Sharon Catherine, exercise is the means and the end.

This “First Family of Fitness” is awesome. Their goals are big and the excitement around what they are doing to create a new generation of fitness enthusiasts and entrepreneurs is huge! They aren’t just fitness buffs; they’re also business owners who help others get into fitness and create cash flow through establishing their own affiliated businesses.

The couple is also in the process of launching a new family lifestyle and fitness show, “America’s Fit Party.” Oh, and they wrote a few books. Go check out their site at and learn more about them while you listen to this very cool, fitness-friendly Cash Flow Diary episode!