CFD 061- Melanie Strick Says Your Money DNA Forms the Building Blocks of Sustainable Financial Life.

  • 5 years ago

How was money handled in your family growing up? Were you taught sustainable money practices so that you don't just keep what you earn, but you also build upon it and then make it make you more money? Known as one of America's leading small business optimizers and mentors, guest Melanie Strick coaches entrepreneurs on what it takes to recode their Money DNA. Listen in and you'll learn a thing or eight about retraining your brain and emotions, which is necessary so you can start thinking of your money and business differently. You will gain a new perspective and get a glimpse into what might be holding you back from the success you crave! You might really want to listen to Melanie, because she doesn't just train others on these topics; she lived through her own massive set of challenges to get the know-how to help you avoid financial pitfalls as an entrepreneur and investor. Listen now.