CFD 069 – Client-Closing Expert and Career Coach Joleene Moody Tells Us How to Shift Our Lives to Live Our Dreams!

What does a former successful New York reporter and TV anchor who took a four-week break from her career to clear her head know about helping you find your path? A truckload of great information! Joleene Moody was that TV news personality, and while her career was going great guns she wasn't ever really satisfied with her choice of profession. She knew she was meant for something different, but didn't take action to find that path till a traumatic event forced her to take time off and think about her life. What a difference four weeks can make! The result is that she “got clear” and decided to become a speaker who could teach others how to find their paths. In this episode of the Cash Flow Diary podcast, Joleene talks about faith and fear. She gives you ways to get things done regardless of your emotional reactions. She gives you pieces to the puzzle in your life that will make things work a whole lot more smoothly. She talks about the negative habits that might be holding you back. And that's just the tip of the iceberg! If you have ever felt uncomfortable in your own skin, if you've ever experienced fear that holds you back from doing things, if you would like to come out of the shadows and live life fully in the light, listen to this episode now!