CFD 072 – Douglas Burdett tells us how to take a hit and keep going to reach our goals!

  • 5 years ago

Former military man Douglas Burdett is from a military family. Generations of leaders came before him in his lineage. But he found he wasn’t passionate about that path. When he got out of the Army, Douglas attended a great business school and explored his passions to find the one that hit him hardest. He found it. Advertising! Leveraging his background in the military, he created an ad to send to top ad agencies on the east coast. It read, “Ready, Aim, Hire!” It worked. Douglas worked at two of the best-known agencies in New York. Eventually he would start his own agency, and he had to keep up with all the changes. He embraced new Internet strategies, including marketing-focused blogs. He chose niches he understands well. For example, publishing content for defense contractors, which unintentionally became a teaching tool for others who want to create blogs with specialized content that attracts targeted customers and clients. Douglas found a way to serve others, which is the secret to success as an entrepreneur. But that isn’t the only thing Douglas has to offer. In this Cash Flow Diary podcast, you’ll hear how he works with clients to help them stop wasting money on their marketing and advertising, and ways to help people find you, which creates larger opportunities. That’s pretty cool!