CFD 074 – “Sovereign Man” Simon Black invites us down the rabbit hole to learn the truth about the U.S. dollar, real asset protection, productive real estate investing and what makes him the “freest man in the world.”

  • 5 years ago

Ever wonder where the U.S. dollar might be headed and what might happen next? Who will save the day? The answers may surprise you as you listen to the Sovereign Man himself, Simon Black. But first, he tells us about farming as a unique asset class and why he invests in productive agricultural real estate. Right now, he’s involved in a $35M project in Chile! Simon also talks about which crops bring the highest-value returns and why, and we do a comparative study in commodities as they relate to real estate. Since real estate is all about supply and demand, investing in farming is a very productive idea. But you’ll have to hear Simon explain the reasons. He gives us a whole lotta interesting data in this unique Cash Flow Diary podcast episode that takes us off the beaten path and a little further down the road. You will definitely want to take notes or listen to this episode more than once!