CFD 075 – “InfusionSoft Master” Micah Mitchell knows how to manage time more efficiently by automating workflow.

What if you could add another eight hours to your day? What could you accomplish? That’s what it will feel like once you automate your workflow with smart automation software, such as InfusionSoft! And that’s what Micah Mitchell knows a whole lot about. He’s become known as an “InfusionSoft Master” and he shares a few secrets with us in this super-charged information fest of a Cash Flow Diary podcast episode. Believe me… I took notes and you will want to keep a pen and paper handy, too. One thing I learned is that the name of the software came from “infusing all areas of one’s business into one system.” Boy, Micah got that right. We use this software and that’s exactly what it’s doing for us. Get ready for a great learning opportunity as Micah talks about Automation Thinking and how it can create cash flow in a big way for you and your business. If you’re like me, you’ll want to learn more and then apply what you learn immediately. Head over to Micah’s site at where he has gifts for you! But first, listen to this episode.