CFD 077 – What are you doing RIGHT NOW to make money knock on your door? More of J. Massey at the Phoenix real estate investors event.

There truly are ways to get money to come knocking at your front door. (Or maybe just call you a few times a month.) It's called “referrals.” It doesn't happen immediately for new investors, but it will happen over time if you take the right action steps. In J.'s patented Carefrontation™ approach, he tells audience members at the recent Phoenix investors event, “If you are having trouble Raising Private Capital, there is a reason. You aren't doing something RIGHT NOW that you should be.” What makes J. THE go-to person in getting deals done is not some magic dust. What got him to this point is exactly what you need to be doing RIGHT NOW and every day as an investor. You have to make decisions, which means to cut off other paths and options, and take action day after day after day. You have to make calls to lots of people, especially in the beginning. You will call sellers and buyers. You will talk to investors. That's how it works. That's how J. gets to other people's cash and credit. They know that they can trust him to make good decisions that will make their money work for them. That's a whole lot more fun than having to work for their money! Listen to this special Cash Flow Diary podcast episode and hear how J. tells the Phoenix audience they they must stop with the unproductive activities that are keeping them busy but bringing limited results. You want to use your time creating solutions. Listen now and learn!It's HOT in Phoenix, but we're not just talking about the temperature outside. There are lots of real estate deals in Phoenix and people interested in investing. J. Massey spoke to a full house in Phoenix over the past weekend, and talked to them about taking action and doing the follow-up required in doing deals. Listen in as J. delivers his message of DO IT NOW. DON'T WAIT. He's talking about following through and implementing what you learn immediately. He talks about Raising Private Capital, too, and hints about the LIVE WEBINAR you need to attend June 5th at 5 p.m., PST! You guessed it. That'll be on www.cashflowdiary.TV. J. also talks about how to simplify investing and how you need to take action without fear of bad things happening. Listen as you hear J. coach members of the audience to make actual calls during the event. Talk about an eye-opener, you can hear a pin drop as the audience becomes aware of what they need to do to make change happen. What they learn is what you need to learn. It's that when you make commitments, you need to follow through. It is where change begins. But that is truly just a start. Listen now!