CFD 082 – Real Estate isn’t the only place Cash Flow is Created. Distinguished Military Veteran and Chief Entrepreneurial Officer Scott Fussell shares the Truth about Transition.

“You can’t handle the truth!” Okay, yes, you can. In fact, you need to hear the truth, especially as an entrepreneur and investor. I just wanted to share that famous line from the movie A Few Good Men. Talking about good men, I recently had the honor of speaking with Scott Fussell, the host of a great podcast, “Command Your Business.” Give it a listen.

You will learn a lot. Scott works with veterans who want to learn more about becoming entrepreneurs. This is becoming more and more important as our troops continue drawing down in Iraq and other regions. These soldiers will leave military life and enter the workforce here in the States. What will they do, especially if there aren’t good jobs?

The transition from military life to the American workforce can be rough as these brave men and women go from a very regimented lifestyle to one where they get to make all the decisions for themselves. However, Six Sigma Black belt Scott Fussell says many of these veterans have the exact skills needed to be successful entrepreneurs.

They have leadership training, they know how to think on their feet, they can deal with crisis situations, they can think through challenges, they’re hard workers, and they are great at setting and reaching goals. They just need to understand what type of entrepreneur they can be. That’s where Scott comes in. He helps them figure it out. Give a salute to veteran Scott Fussell. Listen to this episode now. Listen now.