CFD 084 – From Living a Life of Addiction to Living a Life of Abundance: Josh and Lisa Lannon had to overcome personal challenges before achieving success as social entrepreneurs

  • 5 years ago

Josh and Lisa Lannon CHOSE to be wealthy, but they had to prepare and be ready first. In this incredibly intimate interview with this amazing couple, the Lannons share very private transformational moments from their lives and relationship. They also share ways to start and then replicate a successful entrepreneurial business model. While they credit the Rich Dad philosophies as starting their success ball rolling, they also talk about key success principles they had to learn, their willingness to take risks, the importance of investing in themselves and self-education, and raising private capital. If you want to change your life you have to change your environment, friend sets and more. (Make your environment fit the life you want.) If you are facing personal challenges and want to make change happen, you must listen to this very personal and very introspective Cash Flow Diary podcast episode. LISTEN NOW.