CFD 085 – Author of The Entrepreneur Mind Kevin Johnson says entrepreneurs are like superheroes and if you build it, “they” don’t necessarily come.

Aside from referring to entrepreneurs as “superheroes,” author, speaker and top entrepreneur Kevin Johnson and I have a lot in common. For one, we both love coding and programming. Yep. I’m a closet geek. The difference is that Kevin entered his entrepreneurial experience as a programmer during the DOT COM boom days, creating websites that rock. Programming was just a hobby to me growing up that serves me today, because I look at building businesses in logical steps. For Kevin, what began with a random phone call from a company that wanted to pay him to advertise on one of his sites put him on a path he’s still on today. Becoming a successful entrepreneur wasn’t always easy, says Kevin, but he learned to put fear aside and move forward anyway. He plays a game to help him minimize his fears. Obviously the jitters haven’t stopped him, because he’s been on CNN, Good Morning America, CBS and Oprah Radio, and has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, Fast Company and other publications. Kevin shares his tips and tactics, and talks about the importance of either embracing marketing skills or hiring those who have the right skills. A lot of entrepreneurs are born, Kevin says, and others are made, but a lot of times we have innate abilities upon which we can build a business. Listen to this fun and enlightening Cash Flow Diary podcast episode about how to raise entrepreneurial kids, how to bring the entrepreneur within to life and a whole lot more!