CFD 088 – Cash Flow is KING, says podcast guest Sharon Lechter, who is all about financial literacy.

  • 5 years ago

In the 1930s, Napoleon Hill wrote Think and Grow Rich. The book is as valid today as it was when it was first published. If you’ve never read this book, get to your book store or library immediately. He interviewed the wealthiest, most successful men of his day so we could all benefit from their mindset. Now, Cash Flow Diary podcast guest Sharon Lechter brings a version of this amazing book to our day with an all-new spin. Her recently released book, Think and Grow Rich for Women honors Napoleon Hill’s format and stays true to its goals, but adds a layer that applies to how women approach entrepreneurship. Sharon says that the book is being embraced, but not just by women. She adds that the last chapter in the book is devoted to women’s guilt for not being in balance with their work and life. Sharon says women must let go of their worry and their guilt. She knows what she is talking about, because she puts into practice what she tells other women to do: reframe, repurpose and focus in on what they really want without worry. She says we need to base our choices on the positive outcomes we desire. These are wise words from a very wise woman. This co-founder of the Rich Dad group and someone who helped in the creation of the Cashflow board game, Sharon had a tough choice to make when she left that opportunity to open new doors. They opened, too. Sharon was the financial literacy advisor to two U.S. presidents and helped countless entrepreneurs develop their companies, products and services. That’s not all. Learn more. Find out about free gifts she has for you. Listen now.