CFD 091 – Former Bread-Delivery Dude Kimanzi Constable Turns Big Bread Winner and Learns about Life..

  • 5 years ago

Life coach, consultant, speaker, author Kimanzi Constable tells it how it is in a refreshingly open Cash Flow Diary podcast episode. Kimanzi shares everything he went through to create the success he now enjoys. Surprisingly, he holds nothing back. This two-time self-published writer has now sold more than 80,000 copies and landed a contract with a legitimate publisher. But that was not his dream. (He thought it was, but he would learn differently.) His real dreams were realized when he started helping other people overcome their problems. When he stopped focusing on what would make him happy to what would serve others his whole life changed. Listen to this episode to learn how Kimanzi went from delivering bread at the age of 19 to starting a six-figure business that same year to losing it all a few years later to building a life to be proud of… and being a bestselling author, too. Listen Now.