CFD 093 – Pastor Mel Keyes Talks about the Principles of Abundance and Championing Entrepreneurs to Reach Economical Empowerment!

  • 5 years ago

Growing up in “the hood” Pastor Mel Keyes wasn’t always on the righteous path he finds himself on today, but some things he learned growing up in a rough neighborhood were lessons he would apply later in life. For example, entrepreneurship and salesmanship. To earn money, he and his friends would buy small doo dads at wholesale pricing and flip them at retail in nicer neighborhoods. It was a great lesson. He got a taste for working on his own and for sales. Today his ministry includes programs to help others become entrepreneurs and teach them skills they need to succeed. He also teaches leadership skills, which is something he learned during his many years of service in the U.S. Air Force. Pastor Mel says he got the discipline and focus he needed in the Air Force that he hadn’t gotten at home. After the military, Mel answered the call to become a minister, but he isn’t your typical pastor.

Beyond leading the people of his church in San Antonio he also leads entrepreneurs to be their most successful, bringing his talents together to help them improve their skills and businesses. Pastor Mel founded Joshua Generation to help in all these areas and to serve a greater number of people even beyond his neck of the woods. He has a popular radio show and is hosting his first annual entrepreneurs’ event in San Antonio from September 12th through 14th. Learn more about it. Visit The good pastor says he finds fulfillment in leading others through his ministry to gain the leadership and entrepreneurial skills they need to create a life of abundance. His mission is to economically empower the people to whom he ministers. Listen to this enlightening Cash Flow Diary podcast episode as we discuss why abundance is a positive thing, as well as apprenticeship, values, building the right skills, enjoying and sharing our gifts, and truths about a whole lot of things in business and life. We even talk about how money is NOT the root of evil but rather it is our relationship to money that brings about good and evil.