CFD 094 – Nathalie Mortine turns our mobile device trash into treasure and creates cashflow in the process!

Mobile device recycling expert Nathalie Mortine proves that anything can create cashflow if you solve a problem. That's what she and her husband do in their business, Elite Phone Buyers in Cincinnati. Nathalie also proves that perseverance, consistency and refusing to quit are excellent character traits for successful entrepreneurs. Before she was on TV and did really cool things in the mobile device recycling market, this youngest of six siblings had to learn to get heard over the noise. She also had to overcome her shy tendencies to succeed as she does today as an entrepreneur. That path wasn't easy, as you will hear in this introspective Cash Flow Diary podcast episode. You will also learn from Nathalie why there are lots of reasons to surround yourself with successful entrepreneurs and break bad habits that ultimately hold you back from the success you crave. We also discuss the importance of leaving a legacy not just for your family but for the world, and all sorts of interesting topics that have to do with Nathalie's world… and yours.