CFD 098 – Passionate, multi-faceted, long-time Real Estate Investor and Entrepreneur Christina Suter is no one-trick pony!

  • 5 years ago

When it comes to Real Estate Investing, Christina Suter is one of the most experienced I’ve met. She’s been at it for 25+ years and she’s done all types of deals, and now she mentors others who want to follow her path. Christina made herself a promise early on: she would never get into a long-term investment if it didn’t work for her personally and wasn’t in alignment with her goals. Hey, that’s what I call “Investor Identity.”

Until you know your Investor Identity you can’t choose the best long-term investments. Christina drives this point home in memorable way. In fact, she got her start as a Real Estate Investor in a memorable way. It was at the tender age of 17 when she was pushed into investing through a family tragedy. What Christina found was that she loved Real Estate Investing! Her deals started out small in the single-family home side of investing, and then they got bigger and bigger. It wasn’t until Christina started investing in multi-family dwellings that she actually left her J – O – B, however. Before letting go of her 9-to-5 life to become a full-time investor, Christina held jobs as a special education teacher and marketing professional. When her portfolio of properties, her numbers and her cashflow worked, she stopped working a traditional job. Christina Suter gives EXCELLENT information and guidance in this Cash Flow Diary podcast episode about how to take your first step into Real Estate Investing and how to grow your business. Listen and learn!