CFD 099 – Joel Saul-Sehy Really Knows How To Stack Lots of Benjamins!

  • 5 years ago

Today's Cash Flow Diary podcast guest, Joel Saul-Sehy has a lot to say about one of my favorite subjects… MONEY! He knows a great deal about managing our finances and creating cashflow. His background as a financial planner helps. He was one for many years before becoming known as a “Money Man” on TV and for starting a really cool podcast, Stacking Benjamins. (I love that name!) Tune and learn how Joel went from being not great with money to being fantastic at managing his money and then teaching others to do the same. This episode includes a great lesson on why we don't need to be spending our hard-earned money on doo-dads! Plus you get lots and lots of tips on managing your money and your life, as well as how to create the cashflow you desire.