CFD 101 – Chris Miles Talks about MONEY from a Whole New Perspective!

  • 5 years ago

What if you could FIND $30K to invest in things that would bring you continual cashflow and improve your quality of life? That’s what Cash Flow Diary podcast guest Chris Miles helps people do every day! This clever cashflow detective and money expert has been asked to share his views on national TV and online, because when it comes to money he knows what he's talking about. He is a very smart cookie. Was this busy Utah father of five wasn’t always the cashflow creator he is today? No. He was once a college student with lots of ideas about what he might be when he graduated. However, he never did. One class shy of his degree, Chris walked away from his higher educational experience and become a financial planner.

After four years of doing that J-O-B, however, he realized something wasn’t right. What he was telling his clients to do with their money wasn’t going to give them much in returns and certainly not enough to live a good life once they entered retirement. He felt like he was leading his clients astray and he couldn't do it any longer. He started listening to some of the wealthy people he was meeting and realized he was wrong and they were right. They were making lots of money and living well by investing in businesses and Real Estate! That’s when Chris quit his job and started focusing on creating streams of cash vs. piles of money. His life changed very quickly. Want to know how quickly and what things changed for Chris… and why he is not a fan of the 401K or other retirement accounts so many Americans are brainwashed to put their savings into?