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CFD 102 – Successful Investor and Wealth Creator Linda Jones Tells Us How to Become Wealthy for REAL!

Millionaire by age 38 and multi-millionaire by 39, Linda Jones started out a curious child who looked at the wealthy in her neck of the woods and wanted to know how they got there. Her people study started then and she eventually worked on Wall Street. How did she create her first few million? Through stocks, but that's not for everyone and she understands that fact. But she says anyone can become wealthy if they are willing to get up early and put in the work required. It's called action steps. Linda says there are six steps in creating wealth:

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  1. Create a wealthy mindset
  2. Save a nest egg to invest
  3. Find a mentor (I happen to know someone who is really good as a mentor) who has achieved the success and wealth you desire
  4. Find the money engine
  5. Find a way to compound your investments for higher rates of return, and
  6. Put in place ways to protect your wealth.

This six-step process isn't something Linda learned in her studies or her job. She learned by doing. She learned by actually making investments. She also kept reading great books about mindset and focus, as well as those written by successful individuals who've been through the fire to reach their goals. Learn what these books are, what Linda says about continuing to read and learn, and how you can nurture your own wealthy mindset! Listen Now.

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