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CFD 103 – Author, Speaker, Radio Show Host and Functional Medicine Practitioner Dr. Carri Drzyzga Says What is “Common” isn’t the Same as What is “Normal”

Want to have more energy to run your business and keep up as an entrepreneur? Dr. Carri Drzyzga, DC, ND, has a few suggestions. A chiropractor and doctor of naturopathy, Dr. Carri has a lot to say about the benefits of healing through natural pathways and how her studies brought her to being an expert in the field of functional medicine. In short, this is finding and fixing root causes of medical issues and symptomology so you can be functional again. The good news is that more and more traditional medical practitioners and alternative medicine practitioners are embracing this form of no-nonsense medicine. Dr. Carri says she doesn't believe in practicing “Band Aide” medicine or covering symptoms up with supplements and herbs.

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She says that to keep our topmost asset, which is our health, in its best shape to bring us the highest returns on our health we need to be aware of what is causing our symptoms in the first place. Through functional medicine, she brings patients back into balance and a whole new state of health! Further, Dr. Carri says that there are 14 fatigue factors. She wrote about 8 of them in a recent book, so be sure to look that up on her site and wherever books are sold. Of particular interest to entrepreneurs, there are reasons for your insomnia and overwhelm. Our bodies can get out of balance in many different ways, we don't prioritize exercise because we're too busy, healthy eating and getting the nutrients our bodies truly need is something we pay little attention to, and our stress and sex hormones could be out of whack. This is not the typical Cash Flow Diary podcast episode, but it does talk about assets and returns… in the form of your best health and quality of life. Don't miss this one. Listen Now.

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