Ever wondered where your audience is so you can find them and share your message with them? Cash Flow Diary Podcast guest Adam Hommey has the answers. He tells us how to communicate with those you seek to serve in your business (otherwise known as customers and clients) and where they can be found.

Ever wondered where your audience is so you can find them and share your message with them? Cash Flow Diary Podcast guest Adam Hommey has the answers. He tells us how to communicate with those you seek to serve in your business (otherwise known as customers and clients) and where they can be found. Here’s a hint: Online! Adam helps people just like you build a better business through sharing their messages in really smart ways using the latest technologies, tactics and a good dose of social media. In fact, he has a passion for helping others, and he doesn’t stop there. He is also the creator and founder of www.HelpMyWebsiteSell.com, which is just one of his successful businesses. A serial entrepreneur, Adam didn’t exactly plan to be on the path he is today. In fact, he initially wanted to be an attorney, but something in him was screaming that there had to be something different that was a better fit. He couldn’t see himself as a lawyer, but he didn’t know what he wanted to be. He graduated with a degree in political science, but he wouldn’t end up using it. Drifting for a couple of years, he collected what he learned from his real-world experiences to use later, and he met a lot of great people. One day someone suggested that he go back to school and earn his MBA, which is exactly what he did. Two years later he graduated with an MBA in HR Management, took a day job in the field and ended up working on the side in business training and development. BINGO! He’d found a match and that’s when he realized just how much he enjoyed helping others conquer their business challenges. Adam hasn’t looked back since. Maybe that’s because he’s so busy looking … and thinking … forward! Learn more. Listen Now.

Show Notes


On this episode of Cash Flow Diary J. interviews Adam Hommey who is the creator and founder of Help My Website Sell and The Business Creators Institute. Adam’s goal is to help business creators win at the game of business and marketing. He likes to call it “emancipating the power of information” and does this by converting more social media fans and followers as well as website visitors into prospects and customers. Adam focuses on simplifying internet marketing technology so you can get more customers, make more money, and have a bigger impact with your business.

Episode Rundown

[5:00]            Business creators

[6:15]            Adam’s origin story

[15:03]            How your background plays into your success

[17:00]            Team building

[25:04]            Founder member info plus J’s weekly insight

[28:00]             How to find your team

[31:10]            Swimming upstream and clients from hell

[37:21]            Top 3 mistakes entrepreneurs make

[44:30]            What entrepreneurs should be doing

[52:47]            Adam’s contact details

Main Questions Asked 

  • What is your ‘origin story’?
  • Talk about your background and how it plays into your success today
  • What is your secret to finding great people to be on your team?
  • How did you get the confidence to ‘swim upstream’?
  • What are the top three mistakes entrepreneurs are making?
  • What should entrepreneurs be doing?

Key Lessons Learned

  • Business creators are entrepreneurs who marry their passion and purpose and abilities
  • Business creators are also support people who help grow business through smart marketing strategies e.g. web designers, virtual assistants, online business managers, marketing & business coaches, and social media strategists.
  • Even though the environment of business has changed radically in the past 15 years the basic tenants haven’t
  • Where you have been and what you have done will inform and help you develop and be stronger in what you are doing if you let it

Team Building

  • A mistake is looking for a one-stop-shop
  • If you have only one person on your team or organization supporting you, then you are subjected to their tunnel vision
  • If you put all your eggs in one basket and things change, you can be out of luck
  • Its best to have a few people involved in your organization so you get a variety of view points, duplication, and redundancy in your business
  • You should always be thinking of how to ‘load balance’ in your business
  • Make sure to use your primary and secondary staff so if the primary moves on you have a back up
  • Rather than signing a contract, its best to first try a project or consultation so you can get to know each other and how you best work together
  • Always leave room for the unexpected
  • Pay people more and encourage people to have an emotional stake
  • If you have someone in your business that is devoting a significant amount of time to you e.g virtual assistant, then you need to pay them a premium and you will always be top of their priority
  • The best way to source your team is to join high quality discussion groups on Facebook and LinkedIn

Top 3 Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make

  • 1) Building a website before a business is launched
  • There is confusion that the website was a goal, however, it is actually a tool
  • What people need in a website is something that will engage business and prospects and convert them into clients and customers
  • 2) Clean up social media and clean up your ‘vague book’ but make sure to be social (like you would be at a networking function)
  • 3) Analysis Paralysis and not knowing who to believe
  • The key is to find the method that you believe in and is ethical and move forward
  • You need to understand the importance of smart decision making in business

What Entrepreneurs Should Be Doing

  • Find a faster better way to get a website up quickly
  • Move forward and get your customers to pay for the dream
  • Use social media effectively
  • Don’t be blinded by bright shiny objects (analysis paralysis)
  • A lot of the same principles about the attraction process in dating applies to how we attract, convert and retain customers and clients we want to have in our business
  • What people want is not as important as what they respond to and will drive them to take action (this is not the same thing as they’ll say when you ask them what they want)
  • We often deliver the answer people expect to hear
  • Ask yourself: “what are the questions my prospects are asking?”
  • Be cognizant that you don’t know what you don’t know. This means you also may not know the questions you are supposed to ask

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Business Creators Institute

Help My Website Sell

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