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CFD 111 – Jeff Steinmann Tells Us to Leave Our Soul-Sucking J-O-B to Pursue Real Happiness!

Want to know how to quit working so hard for so little reward? Tired of working for detestable bosses? Listen to this episode of the Cash Flow Diary podcast. Even if you’re making good money, you may not be happy in what you’re doing. There are reasons. In this episode, guest Jeff Steinmann asks you if you hate a job… why not quit? Is it fear about what waits for you on the other side of that decision? And how do you get over your fears anyway? That’s what Jeff helps us understand in this mind-blowing, change-making interview. Jeff tells you how to get to the place you really want to be… which probably isn’t listening to your boss’s boss’s boss rant and rave during workplace meetings. When it comes to this topic, Jeff was in that spot once. Though he made a great living and was working his way up the corporate ladder in his job, he knew he couldn’t continue on that path. He wasn’t happy. The moment of truth came when he witnessed one of his top bosses just two weeks away from the man’s retirement yelling and getting really stressed out as a result of a call that interrupted a meeting. Jeff decided then and there that there’s no way he wanted to be that man! He left to start his own marketing business, which opened doors to more opportunities and helped him understand what he really wanted. He learned to set his own milestones and congratulate himself for a job well done. He learned to set his own goals and march to the beat of his own drummer. Now he helps others do the same. That’s what he shares in his book, How to QUIT Working. It’s something that should go into your must-read list because lots of information and ideas about money and happiness are shared in its pages! You think lots of money will make you happy? Not exactly. Learn more.

Show Notes

How to Quit Working with Jeff Steinmann

On this episode of Cash Flow Diary, J interviews author of How to Quit Working, Jeff Steinmann.  For many of us, the only way we know how to provide value to the world is through selling our time. This podcast encourages you to think in a different way and ask yourself “how am I valuable to the world without selling my time?” At first you might think ‘how to quit working’ is about ‘doing nothing.’ It’s not. Listen to this podcast to find out what it is and how you can do it and change your life!

Episode Rundown:

03:00             Jeff’s origin story

12:50            Finding what is missing

15:04            The happiness level

17:57            Standard of living vs. quality of life

19:54            Selling time

24:10            Apply for free 1-on-1 breakthrough session / J’s mastermind insight

27:26            Making the switch if you are established

31:55            Building a business ‘on the side’

35:10            Top 3 benefits from quitting the corporate world

40:24            How to quit working isn’t about ‘not doing anything’

45:41            Getting the courage to do your own thing

52:37            How to contact Jeff

Main Questions Asked:

  • What was ‘missing’ that you have now found?
  • What do you mean regarding the $60-80K happiness level?
  • How does the marketplace already tell you where you provide value?
  • How do you make the switch if you are already established?
  • What are the top 3 benefits from releasing yourself from the corporate environment?
  • Some people equate not working with not doing anything, talk about that.
  • Where did you get the courage to do your own thing?
  • Knowing what you know today, what would you say to the old Jeff? 

Key Lessons Learned: 

  • 80% of Americans hate their job and only 1 out of 3 people say they are very happy.
  • If we reallocate our time and how money is earned, we could become difference makers.
  • Usually the problem we are complaining about is the problem we are best suited to solve.
  • Being promoted is someone essentially anointing you, saying ‘you are good.’ For most people this will keep us happy in our job for a while.
  • Studies show that reaching a certain number, e.g $60-80K, is the level where happiness ‘levels off,’ thus showing increased money doesn’t make us any happier.
  • ‘Standard of living’ versus ‘quality of life’ are two different things. You can have a low standard of living but have a high quality of life, if you are living close to what you value.
  • How to Quit Working is a guide on how to get closer to the quality of life you want.
  • For many of us the only way we know how to provide value to the world is via selling our time.
  • Asking ourselves, “how am I valuable to the world without selling my time?” is not a question we are raised to ask.
  • Once you learn something you must ask, “what am I going to do now that I know this information?”

Making the Switch if you are established

  • You need to have two parallel tracks (keep working your job, and on the side take your small amount of time and use as effectively as you can).
  • Identify a product or service people want and prove it.
  • Is there a place in the market where there are people who want this thing that I can provide?
  • Provide the thing or service and collect money from it.
  • The proof of concept with real estate is already there.
  • People tell Google problems, so pick a problem and solve it.
  • Once you become excellent at identifying problems and creating solutions you can begin to plan your income.

Benefits from Quitting Corporate World

  • Lifestyle freedom.
  • Income cap is lifted (there will always be a pay scale and a limit to earnings).
  • Being able to work with people you like (not working with people you don’t like).

How to Quit Working Isn’t About Not Doing Anything

  • It’s about doing something you love and something that doesn’t feel like work.
  • As a society we have become resentful that we have to do something we don’t like (work).
  • ‘Work’ is just accomplishing something.
  • Success often comes down to wanting to make a difference in the world and having a great time doing it.
  • You can interchange ‘work’ with ‘provide value’ to avoid the negative connotations of ‘work’.
  • In order to get courage, you have to fill your head with the right influences.

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