Have you ever wanted to know how to generate so many leads that you actually have to create a system to track them? That is exactly what you learn in today's Cash Flow Diary podcast episode.

Have you ever wanted to know how to generate so many leads that you actually have to create a system to track them? That is exactly what you learn in today's Cash Flow Diary podcast episode. Learn from one of the best lead generators of our time, J. Massey. he shares a few really cool “ninja secrets” in how to generate leads, where to find them in the first place, what to do when you get them and how to take the next steps. In this insightful episode you learn enough to get out there and start generating leads today. There will be nothing to hold you back. Listen Now

Show Notes


On this episode of Cash Flow Diary, J shares his Lead Generation course that provides the tools, techniques and mindset required to make it happen for your business. If you are looking to succeed in real estate or raise capital, then this podcast will teach you how to apply strategy. This episode gives you ways of thinking, action steps, and the systems required to generate more leads than you have time to handle with J’s low-to-no cost strategies.

Episode Rundown:

[04:39]             Every business needs leads

[07:47]            Four levels of learning

[12:40]            Process to earning money

[14:25]             Path to ‘becoming’

[16:57]            Types of people

[24:35]            Amount of time to spend with each category

[25:11]            Apply for free 1-on-1 session / J’s episode insight

[27:43]            Understanding lead generation

[29:45]            Formula for explaining ‘what you do’

[34:50]            How to look for ‘problems’

[36:45]            J answers course attendee questions

[46:54]            J’s actionable exercise

[48:48]            Wrap up


Key Lessons Learned: 

  • Every business needs leads and must have strategies to make that happen.
  • Most of us want to be ‘significant’ to a lot of people.
  • As you go through the process, you will run into people who are either supportive or unsupportive.
  • The one non-renewable resource we all have is time.
  • To know and not do is to not know.
  • Sometimes you need to learn to say less to more people.
  • Lead generation is looking for people who want what you have to offer.
  • Raising capital is learning to gain access to other people’s resources.
  • Lead generating is a sorting process that spans from ‘complete strangers’ to ‘are you even interested’.


The Four Levels of Learning: 

  • 1) Unconscious incompetence (You don’t know what you don’t know).
  • 2) Conscious incompetence (You know what you don’t know).
  • 3) Conscious competence.
  • 4) Unconscious competence.


  • The goal is to get your ability to level 4, but the only way you get there is to stay plugged in to the conversation daily and monthly to your goals.
  • You need persistence to make it all work.
  • A highly talented person who is not persistent will fail.
  • A low talented person who is persistent will succeed.
  • What you lack in skill you make up for in numbers.
  • Ask yourself, “Whom do I need to talk with or talk to?”
  • Not everyone you are tying to talk to is a lead.
  • Your contacts (database) are made up of ‘name, phone number, and email’.
  • At a certain point a contact becomes a lead.


Process to Earn Money

  • Invite
  • Say yes
  • Tell
  • Follow up
  • Enroll


The Path to Becoming 

  • 1) Desire
  • 2) Time
  • 3) Relationships
  • 4) Credibility
  • 6) Access to cash
  • 7) Cash flow
  • 8) Significance


Types of People

Using apples as an example of how you should invest your time

  • Red Apples – People ready to take action: 3% (spend personal 1-on-1-time).
  • Green Apples – Interested but not ready yet and need further info: 37%.
  • Brown Apples – Individuals you need to convince.
  • Rotten Apples – Negative people (60% is brown and rotten).
  • Learn to recognize the above individuals and spend appropriate amounts of time.
  • Lead generation is about sorting and time management so you need to ask the right questions.
  • The apples come from pre-existing relationships in various different ways.

Formula for explaining ‘what you do’

  • I [action verb] [target market] [benefit] so they can [benefit].
  • Have 10 different versions of the above so you can tailor to leads.
  • Example: I show busy professionals how to leverage their retirement plan using real estate so they can quit worrying about the stock market and its ups and downs.
  • Ask yourself, ‘what you do’ e.g inspire, help, or educate.

Looking for Problems (opportunities) 

  • When it comes to lead generation, you are looking for problems.
  • Ask yourself ‘where do I find problems?’
  • Your business should solve a problem and improve the quality of life of the customer.
  • Make sure you ask enough questions to understand people’s problems.

J’s Exercise For You:

  • Add the following question to your formula:
  • “Do you know anyone who might be interested in a service like that?”
  • Take the formula and add the question to your Facebook profile

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