Anyone who knows about me also knows that I used Robert Kiyosaki's Cashflow 101 board game to build my business. It is probably the best networking tool I've found that brings likeminded individuals together.

Anyone who knows about me also knows that I used Robert Kiyosaki's Cashflow 101 board game to build my business. It is probably the best networking tool I've found that brings likeminded individuals together. Black Friday is the anniversary of the first time my wife Popi and I played the game for the first time. That's why every year on Black Friday we host a game. Every year the number of people who participate grows. We are truly grateful that so many people are interested in learning the game and playing the game with us. This year we're doing it a little differently. Because I am so very thankful for everything that the game has brought into my life and the lives of my loved ones, I'm hosting a huge, live game in Orange County this Black Friday that officially starts at 11 a.m., PST, and goes for about three hours. But that's not all. We are LIVE STREAMING the event so no matter where you are in the world you can participate by learning how to run your own games! Just be there on time and that's it. Our chat room will be open for the entire event so you can ask questions and get them answered in real time. Be sure to sign up to receive the log in information and reminder. We don't want you to miss it. Listen in and learn how to sign up. Of course, this is not all that this episode covers. There's lots of things I'm grateful for and you'll want to hear more about my journey. There are some things I've never shared before. Learn more. Listen Now

Show Notes


On this episode of Cash Flow Diary, J gives you a one-on-one guide that will help you keep pushing forward and shares a quote: “Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today and creates a vision for tomorrow.” This episode is hugely inspirational and poses the questions you need to answer in order to keep pushing forward.

Episode Rundown: 

[02:30] J’s announcement

[05:25] The gratitude quote

[06:38] How J started

[08:32] Being grateful for the past

[09:35] Developing the correct mindset

[12:25] L.U.C.K

[14:15] Gratitude brings peace for today

[16:48] Now o’clock

[18:22] Financial literacy

[22:15] Gratitude for things you despise

[23:24] The process of ‘do’

Main Questions Asked: 

  • Have you ever gone through something in your past and not known why?
  • How do you learn to persevere?
  • How do you know and become a person who can be grateful?
  • What would it feel like if you felt like you were financially literate?
  • How do you eventually become grateful for the things that you might despise today?
  • How long have you been listening and have you written an offer?
  • Have you gone out and tried to sell your concept or idea and get your business off the ground?
  • What evidence do you have that you have begun the process of ‘do’?

Key Lessons Learned:

  • Frustration trains you to persevere despite the consistent obstacles that keep appearing.
  • You need to learn how to produce a result rather than clocking in and clocking out.
  • Work on developing the correct mindset required to keep persevering in the face of what is telling you to stop.
  • Sometimes we learn to put our hope in the wrong things.
  • Every business owner will eventually face running out of your own resources.
  • U.C.K. – Labor Under Correct Knowledge
  • Others will stick by you through the crazy stuff. However, you may think you have a good team, but you won’t know until they have been tested.
  • You may think you can make it through anything, but you don’t know until you have been tested.
  • Our pasts are often the tests. We can look back and instead of using it as the reason you can’t move forward, use it as the reason to move forward.
  • Inspiration from Pursuit of Happiness: “Start before you are ready.”
  • We often doubt and ask ourselves, ‘Is the chance that we’re taking worth it?’
  • Take nothing for granted because it could all be gone tomorrow.
  • There is someone today who will use what you do or don’t do as the reason why they can or can’t move forward. They are listening, they will learn from you, it is worth it.
  • Most of the time we know what to do to take our business to the next level, we just haven’t done it.

The Process of Do:

  • 1) Watch me do – the process where many people start
  • 2) Do with me – begin to make it happen
  • 3) Do alone – take the training wheels off
  • 4) Teach another – influence others with what you know

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