You never know who you’re going to meet at a Cashflow game… like health and fitness expert Rick Kaselj. In short, he specializes in helping lots and lots of people get beyond injury and pain. But that’s not all.

You never know who you’re going to meet at a Cashflow game… like health and fitness expert Rick Kaselj. In short, he specializes in helping lots and lots of people get beyond injury and pain. But that’s not all. Today this fitness guru is also one of the most amazing Internet marketers on the planet! He learned how to delegate tasks and his messages to be really prolific online so he can reach his goal of helping even more people. He didn’t just suddenly come to the “magical” way of doing and being. Early on he knew he wanted to be an entrepreneur, so he headed to the library and started checking out the books and tapes of successful individuals. One was Tony Robbins. Rick listened to Tony’s interviews of other successful entrepreneurs and learned a lot of new things. He kept learning. Now he helps 80K people across the globe. Mild-mannered Rick began “brainwashing” himself for success to become the Internet marketing superhero he is today. He learned a technical skill, then learned other skills everyone needs so they can reach success, like motivation skills, leadership skills, emotional intelligence and the ability to manage his money. He had to invite a couple of people to exit his life because entrepreneurs need to surround themselves with supportive people who understand their vision. There is no room for the negative. There are two skills that Rick found every successful individual has in common. Learn about Rick’s path and what these two important skills are so you can replicate their success. LISTEN NOW

Show Notes


On this episode of Cash Flow Diary, J interviews Rick Kaselj, who specializes in helping people overcome injuries and pain. Rick created more than 125 products, and helps well over 80,000 people in 137 countries on a daily basis. If you want to help more people and earn what you think you are worth, this podcast is for you!

Episode Rundown:

[05:01] Rick’s origin story

[10:35] ‘Real education’

[14:00] Things ultra successful people have in common

[18:14] The two C’s

[22:05] Task delegation

[27:19] Tracking revenue per hour

[33:59] Apply for a free one-on-one breakthrough session / J’s episode insight

[36:08] Becoming Jack Bauer

[39:55] Getting paid for ‘done’

[49:47] Over education of people

[53:40] Contacting Rick

[55:00] Small victories


Main Questions Asked: 

  • What is your origin story?
  • What do you mean by ‘real education?’
  • How did you get your entrepreneurial idea?
  • What does your business look like today?
  • How do you execute all of these things to be able to serve that many people?
  • How did you get yourself out of the ‘knowledge collectors’ situation?
  • How do you go from serving people one-on-one to having a customer in Antarctica?
  • Is what you have today the same thing as what you initially envisioned?
  • What is your advice to the person wondering what to do next?

Key Lessons Learned:

  • Living close to your values is key to making it work.
  • Sometimes you have to fire people out of your life.
  • When you are starting out, try to get a small victory and build on that.

Ultra Successful People

  • There are two things ultra successful people have in common

1) Writing

2) Present in front of groups.

  • Learn how to communicate and entertain in front of an audience. By doing that, you can then turn your presentations into written content (which can be edited).

The two C’s:

  • Everyday Rick does follows the two C’s:

1) Connect – With his list, affiliates, or another person etc.

2) Create content – Video, written, and products etc.


Entrepreneur Task Delegation 

  • A common thought process is that if you are an entrepreneur, you have to ‘do it all’ by yourself.
  • The biggest weakness an entrepreneur can have is thinking, “I can do it better than anyone else.”
  • If someone can do it 80% as good as you, then that is usually fine.
  • You can do the most important thing that will leverage your business the most.
  • Every day ask yourself, “Do I need to be doing this? Can somebody else be doing this 80% as good as me?” (Even if it takes them longer.)
  • If you can take your To Do list from 300 items to 5, you will be way more productive, and it will help your life and business.
  • You are only going to go so far on your own. You will eventually need a team to support you.
  • The best person to start off with is a virtual assistant.
  • As an entrepreneur, ask yourself, “Does what I’m doing right now earn $hr of value per hour?” If not, then you don’t need to be the one doing it. 

Tracking Revenue Per Hour

  • To calculate revenue per hour, figure out how much money goes into the business divided by 52 (weeks), divided by 5 (days per week), divided by 8 (hours per day), i.e. (x / 52 / 5 / 8 = RPH).
  • This equation will show you how much money you are making per hour.
  • If the task you want to do does not equal that number, then you need to pass it off to someone else. 

You Get Paid for ‘Done’

  • A lot of people don’t have a high enough level of urgency to take action.
  • You either have urgency or you need to create it in order to take action.
  • You get paid for ‘done,’ you don’t get paid for ideas or simply thinking about it.
  • Often being accountable to other people will push you to get things done.
  • A lot of people quit before it’s done, and say, “It didn’t work.”

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